About Us

Kaftan Krazy UK is a sub-section of August Designs established in 1990 and produce an exclusive collection of practical and comfortable long kaftans and kaftan tops in large or small sizes, uniquely designed and made in the United Kingdom using a range of high quality fabrics and proficient British manufacturing resources.  Here at Kaftan Krazy UK you will find exclusive and elegant kaftans and kaftan tops at reasonable and affordable prices.  Kaftan designs that are loose, comfortable and suitable for everyday wear, and kaftans to wear on a variety of occasions.  By clicking the relevant category above you can view our kaftans and kaftan top ranges in cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, fleece, towelling, velour etc

At Kaftan Krazy UK, we provide exclusive designs for any occasion ranging from simply relaxing comfortably at home to going on holiday and even for evenings and special occasions.

Our many and various beautiful kaftans will normally loosely fit most UK sizes ranging through UK 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30.  If you require a larger or smaller size, please click on our Bespoke – Made to measure category to view the details of this service whereby you can choose a specially sized and styled kaftan in a fabric of your choice.


As a general guidance, the kaftan length you would require to reach over the ankles is 11-13 inches less than your height.

About Kaftans

Very popular in societies all over the world, Kaftans have become a fashionable summer garment perfect for a hot beach holiday, or for just lounging around in comfort at your home, they are especially suitable and convenient to wear in place of a dressing gown because they will not gape open if or when you have to answer the door to a caller.  Kaftans are also very useful to wear in hospital because they are loose around the sleeves thus allowing room for your blood pressure to be taken for instance.  You can also wear your kaftan at home afterwards while convalescing.  Whatever you choose to do, you can always be confident you look great in a kaftan.  Available in many different colours, styles, shapes and sizes, kaftans tend to be loose-fitting free-flowing garments with medium or long sleeves.  They can be designed for hotter climates they are purposely made to be lighter and cooler, making sure you stay comfortable while strolling from your sun-lounger to the restaurant for a quick break from the sun.  Kaftans can also be made from warmer fabrics making them especially useful and comfortable to wear during the winter months, or in naturally cooler climates.   Popularised by 'hippies' in the 60s and 70s, the kaftan can still be bought in the 'hippy' style, however the designs have been updated for a modern fashion market, and are regularly seen on catwalks in some of the most fashionable cities in the world. Kaftans have been worn by hundreds of cultures all across the world for centuries - it was originally associated with Islamic countries, mainly because of the high temperatures. The kaftans they wore were often ceremonious, adorned with rubies or symbols indicating their rank within the court, and kaftans would also be gifted to sovereigns as a mark of favour. In Western Africa kaftans are worn by both women and men, they are simple over the head garments that look similar to pullover robes. These days designer kaftans draw their influences from the varying shapes and designs throughout history, they are available in many different types of material - most commonly cotton, wool, velour, fleece, polyester, towelling, viscose or  silk, and can be bought online at www.kaftankrazy.com